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For the last 25 years, Tony Stockwell and his staff have provided an extensive language course programme based on the method of Dynamic Learning, a method which enables you to acquire foreign language skills quickly and easily. The emphasis of these courses is on verbal communication and understanding. Course documentation is provided with the course. 
The specially designed texts are in dialogue form and are translated into the mother tongue of the learner. During the course the teacher only uses the target language. All teachers are mother-tongue. Exercises and practise is provided through gamelike learning activities. Through the diversity of the activities concentration is held at the highest level. Prospective participants should take advantage of our telephone test which will assess your level of the language and help you choose the right course for you. 

Location and Times
Currently, courses are held in our seminar centre at Dorfstrasse 11 in Triesen, Liechtenstein. All courses are intensive courses and last between one and five weeks, generally in the evening between 18:00 and 21:00 hrs. There are also morning and afteroon courses. Please ask for detailed brochure or send an email with your wishes to:

The fees for general language courses are between CHF 18.- and CHF 25.- per lesson.

Visit our language programme for current courses!

Company Courses
For many years the EFFECT Foundation have offered tailored company courses meeting the requirements of your business. We would be pleased to send you an offer. Here are quotes from one of our company customers. 

Marc von Wartburg, Helvetia Patria Insurance: "We started the Spanish course with great curiosity and a certain sceptisism with regard to the new learning method. We soon became followers of the method because of its diversity and the motivating style presented through our teacher. The playful way of dealing with the material to be learnt made it possible for all participants to grasp the basics very quickly and to interactively apply their knowledge with their colleagues."