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The following books and publications can be ordered directly through the EFFECT Foundation or at any bookstore. Please use the ISBN number. 

  • Accelerated Learning
    ISBN 3-905526-00-X
    CHF 25.00 / EURO 14.00 (plus postage)
    This book presents in detail all the elements of Accelerated Learning. In addition to the methodological background, it shows how to prepare texts, posters, learning activities and use music. This book is written in suggestopedic format. 
  • 50 Unprepared Learning Activities
    ISBN 3-905526-02-6
    CHF 13.00 / EURO 9.00 (plus postage)
    Contains 50 unprepared learning activities for immediate use in the classroom
  • Office Communication
    ISBN 3-905526-23-9
    CHF 36.00 / EURO 25.00 (plus postage)
    The book was originally intended for the Euro Secretary Qualification. It offers an English language course in office communication, secretarial and business English, small talk, telephony, rhetoric and presentation.